Whatever! Wednesday – Just Stuff

This morning the dogs let me sleep until 7:30! That was nice. The sun is shining this morning and I have a date with our swimming pool this afternoon. I think I’ve been in our pool about 5 times this summer. Mostly for cooling off dips. But this afternoon, after working in my studio, I am taking a mini “staycation.”  We haven’t had a vacation in ages. So today I am having a pool afternoon and pretending that I’m in some exotic place. Hopefully, I won’t get rained on…it’s beginning to cloud up.

I wish that J. had been here to record Ellie trying to find the birds in our computer. I was at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology website and decided to listen to some bird calls. Ellie jumped up and down for me to pick her up and so I did. She sat there looking at the computer screen tilting her head from one side to the other, trying to figure out where the sounds were coming from. The owl calls sounded like there were dogs in the background which made her bark, but the high pitched bird calls had her sniffing the keyboard, trying to crawl into the screen and going slightly nuts trying to figure out where they were.  She was so cute tilting that head back and forth.. I finally turned it off and put her out of her misery.  Probably should go walk her so she can chase some real birds.

Today I have promised myself to get my banner and avatar made for my Graceful Moments Etsy shop. I also need to get some vintage items loaded into EllieLeesAttic.  I have two boxes of  vintage books and a small box of vintage jewelry that I need to take photos of and write descriptions for.  I would rather be painting but some of this needs to get done today.

Tonight I hope to do my favorites for tomorrow’s Favorites of the Week, but something tells me that might not happen. I think I have been too ambitious with having seven blog days. I think I have to rethink it and cut it down to a manageable size. I don’t have advertising (yet) so this is simply a labor of love. Unfortunately, I am neglecting my business and that has to stop. I did take time to widen my blog posting area so that I can post larger photos without them hanging over the border…that really drives this slightly OCD person crazy crazier.
You may have noticed that my Timeless Tuesday was a word cloud of  classical Arts. Okay, I know that was a cop-out but I wanted to put something up and came up with nothing else…everything I thought of would have taken too much time. I might switch Timeless Tuesday to a once a month post, because it takes more time than I can devote on a weekly basis.

So, I am off to get busy…it’s already 10 a.m. and no, I have not been on here the entire morning. I have stopped to wash a load of clothes; answer 10 phone calls; play bird calls for Ellie; fuss at Ellie for barking at  our quietly sleeping, blind, deaf and toothless poodle (Ellie likes to play growl and run), walk Ellie and Bebe; sort out some old vintage books in our basement, water outdoor and indoor plants; oh, and I ate breakfast and had some coffee.

I need to make a to-do list but don’t have time…so, I’ll just wing it.  Hope you have a great Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Whatever! Wednesday – Just Stuff

  1. Jeez you sound as busy as I am. I was getting worn out just reading this post! The pool thing sounds like a great idea, I hope it doesn't rain.

    I love when dogs do that head tilting thing, it is sooo cute!

    I also understand the time that it takes to blog and follow blogs. Sometimes I just skip it for a few days. Otherwise, I'd have no free time! Enjoy your afternoon, happy floating!!
    Love Di ♥


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