Saturday Shopping – Pillows

I didn’t get my Thursday’s Favorites post done on Thursday, so decided I would pick out some favorites for my Saturday Shopping post. As I mentioned last Wednesday, seven days of blogging is a bit too much, so I am tweaking and trying to figure out my favorite topics and will probably settle on three of four posts a week. That will give me three days to either not blog or post on some random topic.
I have been looking at pillows on Etsy all week. I know, I know, I was supposed to be getting my new shop ready and posting vintage things and I did work on it but…oh, well, I just don’t have a good excuse for being bad. So, I won’t try to make up any, I’ll just say it, I am addicted to pillows. I love them! When my rooms start to get boring, the first thing I replace or recover are the pillows. Changing out the pillows is a quick and easy way to get a fresh look at little cost. My husband occasionally has enough of it and says, “no more pillows!”  The last time he said that there were eight pillows on our queen sized bed. I like sleeping with pillows, he does not. It has been quite a while since I’ve heard any complaints from him so, I thought it would be safe to at least take a peek and see what kinds of great pillows I might find at Etsy.  I have to tell you, there are some fabulous pillows out there and I have only scratched the surface with what I’ve listed here.
I don’t know why I started looking at black and white pillows. Black and white simply won’t work in a single room in my house. But I love black and white…so sophisticated, classic. Now that I have been looking at them, I am getting all kinds of ideas for how I might design a room around these beauties, using a lot of red and some black and white photographs with a splash of turquoise here and there. Probably sounds strange but it looks good in my mind’s eye. 
Two Black on White, Decorative Pillows, Dandelions, Handmade, 16 inch, aka throw pillows, toss pillow, pillow cover, pillow sham
Dandelions Anyone?  I love the whimsical, yet sophisticated and
 contemporary look of these pillow covers…two for a
fabulous price of $25.00…from Lynne’s This and That

Tree of Life Pillow
What is more beautiful than a tree? A silhouette of one on a lovely cream
fabric perhaps? This
Tree of Life pillow is sure to 
draw attention wherever it is planted. $29.99 from Word Garden

Queen Bee Pillow
I might feel like a Queen Bee with this lovely pillow on my bed
or placed just so on a chair! I can think of a hundred ways
to use this jewel.  $26.99 also from Word Garden 

Black and White Graphic Floral Pillow
The pretty, large, fun, floral design on makes this pillow at home in 
most any design style…traditional to contemporary. 
$35.00 from Ecarlate Boutique

Marimekko Pillow Cover - Heila Grey

Black and white and gray…perfect combo for a gorgeous pillow
I have loved Marimekko’s graphic designs since the…well,
let’s just say, a long, long time. This fabric, Heila, was designed
by Erja Hirvi and is one more example of why the name Marimekko
remains synonymous with bold, fun, fresh,beautiful and timeless!
$24. 95 from Mod Diva.

Decorative Designer Pillow Cover-18 inch-Black and Creme Fret Work
Beautiful fret work fabric in black and creme makes
 this pillow cover fit well with many design styles.
I could look at this geometric masterpiece for hours.
Interesting and sophisticated! 
Love it!  $35.00 from Nena Von

NEW Arrival - FREE SHIPPING One 16x16 inch Pillow Cover - Barber - Black, White and Lipstick Red. Pillow Cover, Pillow Case, Cushion Cover.
I was thinking how great all of these black and white pillows would look
on a bright red sofa, when this beauty caught my eye and confirmed it.
Black, white and red– always a striking combination and this pillow cover
is no exception! Only $13.00 from This Little Home. I say that’s a steal!


Set of 2 French Le Papillon and Vintage Bird Pillow Covers on White Cotton
This set of popular pillows  from Jolie Marche Inspired Vintage are being offered
as a set and I can sure see why. Aren’t they great together?  They’re big too at 20×20.
These are also available in burlap but I really love the way these patterns and colors 
pop on the crisp, white cotton. $70.00 for the set.

Peacock Pillow-Minty Sage Green and Buttery Ivory Yellow-Retro Hand Silkscreened Pillow-FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING
Out of the black and white zone and take a dip into some luscious color. Like this
minty green jewel. The hand silkscreened peacock  makes this luxurious silk pillow a
  lovely and original work of art.  $30.00 from Sew Lucky Girl 

Hope you enjoyed my pillow shopping…I have many, many more that I love. Check out my Favorites of the Week page tomorrow and you will find my other favorite pillows and a few other lovely accessories…all from fabulous shops on

Have a good weekend and pop in tomorrow for Silent Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping – Pillows

  1. I love this idea!! Pillow covers are like shoes, you can never have enough! Thank you so much for including my B & W w/ Lipstick Red Robin Bird pillow cover in your wonderful blog.

    ♥ Shereen


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