Favorites of the Week – Black, White and Red and A Bit of Autumn Too

Favorites of the Week:  Each Monday I feature a number of items on my Favorites of the Week page. It might be 8 favorites or it might be 28. All or a portion of those items will be featured on the Home page on Mondays. The favorites for each week will remain on my Favorites of the Week page until the following Monday. Hope you enjoy. I’m sure these shopkeepers would love for you to visit their stores and see their other great items! ♥
This week’s favorites are once again from that online venue that I am most partial to–Etsy.com.
I chose 14 as favorites of my Ellie Lee Etsy shop and 14 as favorites of my Ellie Lee’s Attic Etsy shop and you can see all 28 by going to my Favorites of the Week page.  Twenty-eight favorites are too many to feature on my Home page,  (I really do have other things calling for my attention)  so I made the tough decisions and chose 8 out of twenty-eight, which was ridiculously difficult.  I chose 4 from each set…just to be fair.  Hope you enjoy!
Classic Black and White with a Splash of Red

CUSTOM Cute Digital SLR HOBO camera bag..LARGE...Sofia black and offwhite w/red interior/SNUGGLENS
This camera bag will get you excited to go on a photo shoot! No
drab brown, beige or gray, this sweet bag makes a grand fashion
statement while keeping your digital SLR and all your accessories
safe and secure! I would be thrilled to find this under my Christmas
tree…hint,hint, hint!  Custom Digital SLR Hobo Bag
 $99.99 from Gypsy Rose Handbags

Halloween Ghost Miniatures Set of Three
Halloween is coming soon and while I’m not a huge fan of a spooky
holiday, I couldn’t say, “boo!” to these adorable ghosties! The smiling faces
are my favorites but they are all too cute. This shop has many other Halloween treats
and many other adorable accessories for your home.
 Halloween Ghost Minatures-Set of Three
$10.00 from Lenny Mudd

Vintage Embroidered Silk Extra Long Scarf
This gorgeous silk scarf is so beautiful and timeless that I had no
idea it was a vintage piece!  This versatile scarf is extra long and
wide enough to use as a light wrap or shawl as well.
 Beautifuly finished with tassels on each end, this Vintage Silk Scarf
 will dress up any little black dress or how about a red one!
 $29.00 from Willow Creek Sparrow

STORM WATCHER  ( Buy any 2 and get 1 free)
I think this beautiful painting, entitled “Storm Watcher“speaks for itself…romantic
and hope are two of the words that come to my  mind.  Robert Foster’s work is so amazing,
that I would like to do a feature of his work alone.  This  talented artist has an
unbelievable special going on  right now…buy 2 prints and get 1 free!
My 3 picks would be  Raven Tree and Wind Swept and Storm Watcher. What are yours?
$15.00 from Lew Foster
Autumn Daydreams — Just Around the Corner

Italian farmhouse road original oil on canvas.  Ships for 20.00.  Prints available too.
I think my most difficult choice of all this week was which of the gorgeous
paintings to choose from this shop.I assure you it was a difficult decision to make…
check it out and you will see what I mean.  I kept coming back to this original
oil painting:  “Italian Farmhouse” so it was my final choice…
I wonder what yours will be!
$650.00 from Oui 2 Reveille
Pleated Hobo Messenger Bag with Adjustable Strap in Alexander Henry's Koto
Alexander Henry’s beautiful Koto is the icing on the cake that is
this lovely Pleated Hobo Messenger Bag.  Practically designed with one large and two
  small pockets inside, an adjustable should strap and a key chain hook.
Beautiful styling, fabulous fabric, perfect practicality all from a shop known
for quality workmanship. What more could you want?
$46.00 from Sherri’s Boutique
Shabby Architectural Aged Cast Iron Rabbit Garden Statue
Rabbits are not only for Easter! Not these anyway. Don’t you love the rich
patina of these cast iron bunnies?  Made from the original Hubley cast iron mold and aged
using a special technique to make them look as if they were snatched right out of the
ruins of an English garden. Meant to go outside, they will continue to age beautifully
 if left as they are or you can paint them with a clear top finish to have them stay as they are.
 These Cast Iron Garden Statues would be great as a pair but the listing is for one.
$50.00 from Wiltsie Bridge Country Store
3 Piece Place Setting - Made to Order
I am a huge pottery fan. I have friends who collect  pottery by a specific potter,
color or style so that it makes a lovely display in their homes. That’s great but I can’t
 seem to stick to one potter or one type of item to collect. But that could change now that
I’ve seen the work of Keith Phillips. He has so many beautiful pieces, I could never
tire of his designs.  If you love pottery, you must visit his shop and see for yourself.
 Obviously I am not  his only fan–his work has been featured on about a gazillion blogs…
yes, that is a bit of hyperbole but only a tiny bit!
This is a 3 Piece Place Setting of Dinner Plate 9″, Salad Plate 7″ and Soup Bowl  4.5″
$90.00 from Mud Stuffing

Please visit my Favorites of the Week page to see all of the wonderful favorites I have chosen just for you… okay, okay, I admit it…I did pick them for me too!

PLEASE NOTE: Opinions, reviews and ideas presented in this blog are mine unless otherwise attributed. I may from time to time be furnished with a product for a Giveaway or for a Review. If I do not like the product, I will not review it or include it in a giveaway.  I do not receive compensation for my opinions, reviews or thoughts about products that appear on my blog. Favorites of the Week are chosen by me and I receive no compensation in any form for their review and appearance on my blog.

The Favorites of the Week page is a revolving selection of favorites and will change each week. It is often directly generated by an Etsy application that uses my current favorite selections on Etsy.com. Because of this, the links to the Favorites of the Week page in past and future posts will take you to the latest selection of my favorites which might be different from the ones specified in the particular blog post you are reading. Is that confusing? I’m sorry, it sort of confused me to write it too but it’s the best I can do. ♥

2 thoughts on “Favorites of the Week – Black, White and Red and A Bit of Autumn Too

  1. GORGEOUS picks!!! And I'm with you on the spooky stuff, but those little ghosts are darling!

    And the silhouette print is beautiful! Reminds me of a scene in “Gone with the Wind” When Scarlett returns to a devastated Tara…just before the intermission-remember when epic productions had intermissions?:o)

    Oh, and those bunnies are sweet too!

    Thanks for sharing all of this beauty!

    xox, Daff


  2. I don't know how you can pick a favorite, I love them all! I must say that I think the print from Lew Foster was amazing! All great choices Vicki!
    Love Di ♥


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