Worshipful Wednesday – Give Me Jesus

A Morning Prayer

Lord, I lift my eyes to you this morning,
I praise you my Lord!
I praise the work of your hands,
I praise your goodness, Lord and your mercy!
I praise your faithfulness and the joy you put into my heart.
I thank you Lord that your mercies are new each morning.
Thank you for all the blessings that you have given to me.
Lord, all that I have is yours,
Guide me to use it in a way that is pleasing to you.
Lord, all that I am is yours,
Let me be your hands and feet.
Guide me Lord.
Strip me of all that is of this world,
Cleanse me of all the evil that is in me Lord,
Search me Lord, show me the error of my ways.
Empty me of all that is of this world.
Cleanse my eyes, my ears, my lips
Remove the evil I have seen, heard and spoken, Lord.
Protect me Lord from evil, keep it from me.
I seek your forgiveness and your mercy,
Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and mercy,
Thank you Lord for your forgiveness!
Lord, fill me with your Spirit,
Pour your goodness and light into me
So that it may flow out of me and into the world.
Let me shine like your Son, let me shine like Jesus.
Cast all that I am onto the potters wheel
Reshape me, mold me into what you want me to be.
Lord, thank you for your mercy,
Thank you for the Word!
Thank you for your Spirit, thank you Lord for Jesus.
Lord, you are my refuge and my strength,
Only in you, do I find peace.
Only in you, do I find mercy.
Only in you, do I find hope.
Only in you, do I find love.
Only in you, do I find salvation.
Thank you Lord, I praise you Lord.
I sing your praises today
I will sing your praises for all of my days.


It is the time of year once again when some beloved friends travel far away to be God’s hands and feet. They may well be in mortal danger,yet they know that God has opened the doors for them to go and so they will answer his call without hesitation. Some of their friends and family have asked them to reconsider. To them that is like asking them to turn their backs on Jesus. They are answering the call and they will not be turned around. You don’t need to know their names or where they go but I ask that you will keep these people who are the salt and the light and his hands and feet, in your prayers as they go to teach skills to those who have none and bring hope to the hopeless.

This video is from a tribute to the life of Ruth Bell Graham. Ruth Graham wanted to be a missionary. She wanted to travel the globe telling of the love of Jesus. Then she met Billy and her plans changed. She would instead, be the woman behind the man who would become the greatest and most loved evangelist of our time. She never faltered in her faith, she simply followed where the Lord led her. The song is by Fernando Ortega. It is a beautiful rendition of an old spiritual. I love the words and the arrangement.  I dedicate this to my friends, who live the lyrics of this song. Jesus is their core, their center and they will follow him, even to the ends of the earth. Praise Him!

Will you please join me in this prayer for them?

We pray Lord that you will surround your faithful servants with confidence and peace. Lord, we ask that you will protect them, guide them, shelter them and go before them and light the way for all that you would have them do. Lord, we pray that when your work for them is finished, you will bring them home safely to their family and friends. We ask these things in accordance with your will. In the name of Jesus and by the authority he gives to those who believe in him and call upon his name. Amen. 

I sincerely thank you for visiting and hope you will come back again.

3 thoughts on “Worshipful Wednesday – Give Me Jesus

  1. Thank you for this lovely post, and the beautiful tribute to Ruth Graham. She had a powerful impact on my life as well as, I am sure, many, many others. In her own quiet way, she really was a missionary.


  2. Oh Vickie this brought tears to my eyes. How lovely is our Lords love for us? If we just follow his path, as hard as that may be at times, we will always find the answers. And this I truly believe. I will say a pray for all of thise who choose to do God's work.
    Love Di ♥


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