Wednesday Worship and Sweet Sweet Mary!

First, I apologize for skipping Monday’s Favorites of the Week. But my disclaimer does say that a girl has the right to change her mind now and then…so, let’s just say that’s what I did!  I might do it tomorrow or maybe wait until next week…but I can tell you this,  I did pick favorites and they will be worth the waiting.

Now, I am interrupting our regularly scheduled programming (for the second time this week) to bring you a special announcement: A dear friend and eternal family member of mine is having a birthday today!  She is a very special person and I just wanted to take the time to let her know it!  So, I wrote her a little poem (I use that term loosely) for her birthday..and I am apologizing in advance for it’s amateurish quality but it was the best I could do in fifteen minutes which is all the time that I had!  So Mary, this is for you!
(Our regularly scheduled broadcast will  follow in its entirety.)

Sweet, Sweet Mary

Sweet, sweet Mary, is NOT contrary,
No matter what SOME may say. 
Her heart  is gold and  I wish for her

To have a MOST chillaxin day!

She works so hard for God and man,
Doing anything and all.
Nothing slows her down or makes her stop, 
Unless she takes a fall.  8 : (

Now, Mary dear, today is YOUR day
And I for one, would really LOVE to see,
You take this day and do what YOU want…
Sleep late, eat cake or watch old movies on TV!

For on this very special date,
Not all THAT many years past,
Was born a Princess of the great, high King
With a servants heart, steadfast.

She volunteers for everything,
We often hear her say, 
“I’ll do that!” or “I have one!” or
“Barry will bring it to you today.” 8 : )

She cleans the church, scrubs the loo
Serves food and cooks it too!
There is no thing great, big or small
That Mary will NOT do.

But, on this one day, take time to rest.
To play, or see what you want to see
Take the day, do what YOU want to do.
You could even try being CON-TRA-REE!

Just one thing more, that I need to say.
Along with these wishes for mirth and fun:
Over you dear Mary, God’s blessings I pray
Until you are two hundred and one!

Love you so much! Happy Birthday! 

Now we continue with our regularly scheduled Wednesday Worship!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Worship and Sweet Sweet Mary!

  1. Happy Birthday to your dear friend Mary! I feel a kinship with her as I used to clean our church for years!
    It was a job I loved but had to give up because of the knees.
    Love the video Vicki, thank you!
    Love Di ♥


  2. Happy Birthday to your friend. What a wonderful blessing she must be to everyone who knows her – and how blessed she is to be appreciated by her friend.

    I love the worship music with the beautiful photos – and the Scripture reminder to do everything for the glory of God. What an uplifting post!


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