Favorites of the Week – Better Late…?

Favorites of the Week(FOTW):  Each Monday (or if life happens, it might be Tuesday or Wednesday) I feature a number of items on my FOTW page. I might choose 8 favorites or it could be 28. A portion of those items will be featured on the Home page on Mondays. The favorites for each week will remain on my FOTW page until the following Monday.  I’m sure these shopkeepers would love for you to visit their stores and see their other great items!

Okay, I know it is Wednesday and I missed another deadline. Seriously, lots of “life things” going on that just pushed blogging right out of the way. So sorry! Whew! Hopefully, we are back on schedule now.

This week I have taken a slightly different approach and have picked out two of my favorite Etsy shops and am showcasing four items from each. Then, I picked out my favorite ArtFire shop and four items from her shop too. This is the first time I have featured an ArtFire shop but since I am now on ArtFire too, I thought it would be good to feature someone who sells there and maybe learn more about ArtFire at the same time.

Satin and Birch is a wonderful shop of fabulous soaps! A friend of mine, suggested that I visit this shop. She was amazed, as I am, at the intricate details of these lovely gift soaps.  They are so beautiful that I probably wouldn’t want to use them. Each one is a lovely work of art…well, see for yourself…

Ginger Orange Gift Soap
Ginger Orange Gift Soap 2 for $10.00

Apple Cider Cottage Hearts
Apple Cider Cottage Hearts 6 for $14.00
Soap Wedding Favors
Soap Wedding Favors – Lily of the Valley Scent 2 for $4.00

Champagne Scented  Fleur di Lis Gift Soap
Champagne Scented Fleur di Lis Gift Soap 5 for $10.00

The second Etsy shop that I am featuring is Sweet Heart Studios. Not only are there gorgeous gifts to be found at Sweet Heart, the proprietor is a complete sweetheart too!  She is very meticulous with all of her beautifully handmade items. She packages them beautifully too, so that they are ready for gift giving…if you can bring yourself to part with them!  You will find a vast selection of pendants, magnets, photo frames and  uniquely beautiful hair pins in this lovely shop. You can also find this shop on ArtFire: here. The hair pins are a new addition to Catherine’s shop and I think you will agree that they are truly lovely. Here’s a tiny sampling of lovelies:

Jeweled Hair pins Bobbi pins Butterfly-crystals -The TRESS TREASURES COLLECTION- by SweetHeartStudio on ETSY
Jeweled Hair Pins Butterfly Crystals $13.00
1 inch domed glass pendant-ROYAL BLUE WINTER-by SweetHeartStudio on ETSY
One Inch Domed Glass Pendant -Royal Blue Winter $18.00
Jeweled Hair pins Bobbi pins Silver hearts Swarovski crystal flowers -The TRESS TREASURES COLLECTION- by SweetHeartStudio on ETSY
Jeweled Hair Pins – Silver Hearts & Swarovski Crystals – $14.00

Jeweled Hair pins Bobbi pins Dragonfly teal blue crystals -The TRESS TREASURES COLLECTION- by SweetHeartStudio on ETSY
Jeweled Hair Pins – Dragonfly with Teal Blue Crystals $13.00

ArtFire is new territory for me but I have just opened two new shops there so I’m trying to learn my way around.   A lovely friend of mine has had a shop on ArtFire for quite a while now and she really loves it. She is a former Etsian who crochets beautiful, original designs and does custom orders too. Her shop is Matt’s Crafty Wife  and she has many wonderful items from cup cozies to Christmas ornaments to fashion accessories. Today I want to showcase some of her gorgeous, higher end and elegant fashion accessories:

Luscious Tan Merino Cashmere Scarf for Men or Women
Luscious Tan Merino and Cashmere Scarf $44.00 
Heavenly Shawl in Tan
Heavenly Shawl in Tan $40.00

Chocolate Brown Shawl with Pineapple Scallop Edging
Chocolate Brown Shawl with Pineapple Scalloped Edges $ 45.00

Lush Black and White Wrap Shawl
Lush Black and White Wrap Shawl $40.00

Well, that about wraps it up…get it, “wraps” it up. I know, I know it’s pretty lame!  Remember, you can visit my Favorites of the Week (FOTW) Page any day of the week to see my latest favorites!  Please stop back later for Wednesday Worship!  Until then….

2 thoughts on “Favorites of the Week – Better Late…?

  1. Wowee, Wow Wow!!!

    What GORGEOUS features :o) OK, I am a part of the features this week, but come on now, those soaps are to die for! And Anastasia's crochet is Sooo lovely!
    Thank you Vicki, for sharing these weekly features with the world-it's always a treat and surprise to see what you find!

    xoxo, Daffy


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