Finally! I’m Back…Hopefully to Stay!

Life often takes unexpected turns and I feel as though I’ve been on one of those roller coasters that are small but lethal with their abrupt twists and turns. Things have calmed down a bit at the moment and hopefully will remain that way.  I have recently started painting in earnest and have revamped my Etsy shop and have listed several new items with many more on the way.  I am still working full time so I have to squeeze my painting into the evenings and weekends. John works late every other week, so I have some time then to paint to my heart’s desire without feeling that I am stealing time from my spouse. I do miss the late nights writing blogs and chatting with friends on Facebook and Etsy. Six o’clock a.m. comes too early for this night owl, so I have to get to bed at a reasonable hour…by 11p.m at least. But I love my job and there’s much to be said for that.  

Okay enough about that. I need to bring you up to date on my paintings.

I have been working on a series of  paintings depicting angels in various forms. None of us know what angels look like. Well, perhaps you do but I don’t.  Not for certain anyway. I only know what the Bible tells us.  My personal belief is that they are spiritual beings who normally have no physical body, but who might take human form when necessary in order to guide, inform, protect, rescue us from time to time. Perhaps they are even sent to test us from time to time.

Some may not believe in angels

Scripture tells us to entertain (welcome, be kind to, offer hospitality to) strangers, because by doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2.) With that verse of scripture in mind, I have painted various angels: some who look like humans and some that don’t. I normally give them wings and halos to indicate that they are angels, otherwise many of them could be representations of almost anyone. Many are glamorous and beautiful by our earthly standards, many are plain and ordinary and some represent those we often pass by and ignore. 

I find them worthy of my interest and imaginings

Some may not believe in angels, but I do. I do not worship them in any way. However, as God’s higher creations,  I find them worthy of my interest and imaginings.  I am also fairly certain that I have encountered these creatures in the guise of humans, numerous times in my life. I wonder..have you?  

Meet Kezia.  Kezia (pronounced ke Zye ah.)  Kezia (in Hebrew) means Cassia tree,  a variety of which produces cinnamon.  Cinnamon is a favorite spice to use in the Autumn months and into the Christmas season. Also, one of Job’s very beautiful daughters was named Kezia (Keziah)  Job  42:13-15.  

Kezia, has a bit of a Mona Lisa smile. You will NEVER guess what she is thinking. However, she will tell you, if you ask her nicely. Often found helping out when Autumn leaves bring those pesky, nostalgic thoughts of autumns long past. She might be that lovely person who stepped in and led your mind to more current matters.

My painting is available as a lovely giclee print (12×12) from my shop on Etsy.  Other sizes are available upon request.

One thought on “Finally! I’m Back…Hopefully to Stay!

  1. Love your angel! She is so loving and cheerful. This can become a sad and nostalgic time of year if we aren't careful. I am so glad that God sends us angels to help us out.


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