Raphael, Archangel

This is my latest piece added to Series 52 (a piece of artwork each week for 52 weeks. ) I am terribly behind because I took a break while my husband was having and recuperating from back surgery.  It was a roaring success by the way--truly miraculous. He was almost wheelchair bound and all of … Continue reading Raphael, Archangel

Life Stuff and Creativity

There has not been much time to post in a few weeks. Quite a bit going on around here. Nothing really exciting. Just stuff...doctor's appointments, paperwork, dog sitting...just stuff...life stuff.  In the midst of all that life stuff,  there have been a few moments found to be creative and have managed to do at least one piece … Continue reading Life Stuff and Creativity

Day Eight – 5 Minute Painting – Self Challenge

I suppose this is actually day nine but since I did not post a painting on day eight, I am counting today as day eight.  Day eight was spent assembling a home gym. My husband, stepson and I all lost a good two pounds each from the assembly alone. We are very hopeful with the results … Continue reading Day Eight – 5 Minute Painting – Self Challenge

Day Three – Five Minute Painting Self-Challenge

"A Rose is A Rose..."  This one was very quick and fun. It made me smile so I'm happy with it. Now, what to do tomorrow??In light of the turmoil and chaos in our country and around the world, I leave you today with a couple of  thoughts:"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do … Continue reading Day Three – Five Minute Painting Self-Challenge

Finally! I’m Back…Hopefully to Stay!

Life often takes unexpected turns and I feel as though I've been on one of those roller coasters that are small but lethal with their abrupt twists and turns. Things have calmed down a bit at the moment and hopefully will remain that way.  I have recently started painting in earnest and have revamped my … Continue reading Finally! I’m Back…Hopefully to Stay!