IF:Gathering Inspired Art

Last weekend I attended my first IF:Gathering. Except that I didn’t get to gather. I was supposed to go to an IF:Local at our church but I was sick and had to stay home. Fortunately, I was still able to see and experience this event by attending the gathering, online at LiveStream. It was a wonderful event and I heard many inspiring and challenging messages and learned about some awesome ministries.  If you are not familiar with IF, please check them out here.

One message in particular, given by Lauren Chandler spoke to me.  Her message was from John 4, the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well.  It was an inspiring message, calling us to trust that Jesus will keep us filled with his living water and supply all that we will ever need to sustain us during times of trouble. When Jesus explains to the woman that he is the living water and that he is the Messiah, she leaves to tell her town about Jesus.  Something that I had never noticed in this passage before is that she walked off and left her valuable water jar at the well.  When trouble comes, and it will, will you be full of the living water that will sustain you through it or will you be trying desperately to fill your water jar? 

I painted this to remind me that  my trust and faith are in Jesus and he will see me  through whatever is to come and because of that, I can leave my water jar at the well.

Hope you have a blessed day.


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