The devastating effects of Hurricane Florence are still being felt through the Carolinas.   Rivers are still rising and many still cannot get to their homes or their homes are no longer habitable or their homes are gone.  If you don’t live there or have someone you love there, you might not be keeping up with what is going on.  I read an article this morning about Topsail Beach north of Wilmington where the beach is covered in trash and not local trash as you might expect but trash that has come all the way from Haiti.  That is only a small issue when there are over 32 dead now from the aftermath of that horrible storm.

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Our daughter lives in Wilmington. She and her family stayed through the hurricane. They are experienced with hurricanes, were well prepared and are on high enough ground not to be affected by the flooding.  They have been helping others not as fortunate while they wait.  She contacted us today and said she thought we should put off our early October trip until early November because of the high counts of mold in the air, dead animals (horses, chickens and pigs) that are floating in rivers, the beach being closed because of all the waste water emptying into the ocean, the flooding is expected to continue to rise which might mean roads being closed again and if that were not enough, there is a horrible stench in the air that will not go away.  There is also another storm brewing in the Atlantic and while they don’t expect it to become a hurricane, even a mild tropical depression over the Carolinas is the last thing they need.  So, we have put off this trip that we had so looked forward to for another month. Will things be back to normal then? We can only hope.  Yet, how can I be sad that I don’t get to see our family just yet,  when so many have lost so much?  I can’t.

So what can the ordinary citizen do to help?  If you are able, you can help by donating money to a reputable charity to help those who need assistance. But even money can’t make the flood waters recede and it can’t make tropical storms disappear. So, that leaves one thing and one thing alone that I know of that can help and that is within anyone’s reach and that is prayer.  So, if you are a believer, then please, please pray.  Pray fervently that these flood waters recede in record time. Pray that the storm in the Atlantic, stays in the Atlantic until it is no more.  Pray for rescue workers, pray for those needing rescue, pray for those who have lost everything and those who have lost much and those who may yet lose something. Pray for the businesses whose losses are great. Pray for those trying to get food into those who remained and those who have come home to great loss and pain. Pray for those who cannot get home. Pray for those who feel forsaken, pray that God will let them know they are not forgotten and the Lord hears their prayers.  Pray and trust and believe and give praise, for God is good and His mercy is with us forever and when we have done all that,  then we need to pray some more.





4 thoughts on “SUNSHINE AND PRAYER

  1. My grandparents went through the flood here in 1972. It was a foot high in the first floor, of course the cellar was completely flooded. Houses, cattle, cars-all went down the huge river , the Chemung, that swelled its banks and consumed everything in its path. The smell of mud and decay was like a wet blanket-it didn’t go away for a long time. My grandparents had to flee the water to higher ground and huddle together with neighbors in a friend’s house. We worked for months hauling mud, destroyed furniture, heirlooms, canned food to the dump.
    So I know a little about the effects, and words can’t really describe it until it affects you or loved ones.
    Thankfully-God is still on His throne-He never left it. And He hears every prayer.


    1. Debra, thank you for sharing the experience of your grandparents. I can only imagine how devastating that was. Yes, it is comforting to know that God hears us and cares for us always, and especially in the middle of the most devastating and trying times. I am thankful that my daughter and her family are close to the Lord and have a deep faith which gives them encouragement and hope and a big heart to help others who have not been as fortunate as they have been.


  2. Aww, thank you, my sweet and dear friend! These words mean so much coming from you, whose heart I know belongs to the Savior and who inspires me weekly with your beautiful art and messages. XO


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