Oh My Soul : Encountering God in Honest, Unconventional (and Sometimes Messy) Prayer


If you would like to grow into a deeper relationship with the Lord, this book is an absolute must read.  I feel so very blessed that I received an advance copy of Shannon Guerra’s, new book, Oh My Soul: Encountering God in Honest, Unconventional (and Sometimes Messy) Prayer.  You might know Shannon from her website, Copperlight Wood.

I read this book quickly when I received the download for two reasons. First, so I could give Shannon my feedback and second because I didn’t want to quit reading it! This book blessed me more than I can adequately express.  It is funny, it is poignant, it is real and so powerful.   I have always loved Shannon’s writing style and it was like listening to a friend telling you about her everyday struggles, breakthroughs and victories. Her words are steady and gentle and refreshingly honest. My prayer life has already changed since reading this.  So, now I am anxiously awaiting my pre-order for the hardcover version which will be released tomorrow.  It is so exciting to know I will soon have the actual book in my hands so that I can savor each chapter and verse and use it as a daily devotional.

My only qualification for sharing my opinion, if you can even call it a qualification, is that I love to read and I love the Lord. But here are some reviews by some folks who actually do have qualifications for critiquing a book such as this one. If my words didn’t convince you that you need to read this, maybe theirs will.

“It’s been a long time since a book has set me ablaze like this one! Shannon uses the interesting layers of her life in Alaska to paint pictures from her experience about the practice of prayer and how to carry God’s presence. From the clever title to the very last paragraph, I consumed this entire book in one sitting! Everyone who is serious about knowing God should pick it up!”

– Dr. Chuck Balsamo, Pastor, Author, Pro Speaker and Coach

“What makes this book stand out from other contemporary Christian writings on prayer is the author’s crisp prose and sharp sense of humor. She expertly balances deeper, more contemplative thoughts with hilarious passages that delve into such topics as buying food in bulk and her late-night internet addiction….An insightful, honest, and genuinely funny author delivers a standout devotional.”

 Kirkus Reviews

“Paul’s encouragement to pray continually wasn’t meant to be a line item on a religious checklist. Shannon’s vulnerability, honesty, and humor give a glimpse into the messy reality of a mature Christian’s prayer life — the imperfectly perfect ongoing conversation and relationship between a child of God and her Father. This book will encourage and comfort you as it gently breaks down any walls of duty or sterile piety in your heart and mind toward prayer.”

– Nathan & Lacey Steel, Directors of Cultivate

The release date is October 16, 2018. Yes that is tomorrow. But you can pre-order it now on Amazon.com!   It is available in Kindle, Hardcover and Paperback.





P.S. Just to be clear, I received the advance copy (download) to provide some feedback to the author and  to share my opinion with others on social media in advance of the release date.  I was not compensated in any way for my opinion.  Vicki

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