Fall Photos

I have been a little lazy lately with photography.  It is so simple and easy to take a photo with a cell phone with often good results that my “real” camera has been neglected for awhile now. So, this past weekend, out came the tripod and camera and I set up some fall vignettes to photograph.  It felt good to have to actually think about my settings and also to play with arrangements, light, focus and then edit for different effects.


1-_IGP4059 soften







I pulled things from other areas of the house to set up vignettes for my photo session.

1-_IGP4077 afternoon light highlights shadow1-_IGP4076 highlights and white vignette

1-_IGP4074 no adj

My grandmother, Effie, had a set of Jewel Tea. My aunt used it for awhile but it wasn’t with her belongings when she died.  I missed it so  so I have picked up a few pieces here and there when I find it.  It is perfect for fall and brings a smile to my face and warm, lovely memories when I see it.  It always makes me think of the wonderful Sunday dinners we had at their house.

1-_IGP4083 crop 18x20

1-_IGP4080 Jewel T apples and pumpkin softened w highlights

1-_IGP4080 adj

Sunshine was  streaming through the window this afternoon after a somewhat cloudy start to the day.


A mix of faux pumpkins is the centerpiece on our table. The blue one and small pinkish white one in the above photo are plastic ones that I painted and then added  stems that I kept from some of the real pumpkins from last year.  No real pumpkins inside or outside just yet because it has only this week turned a bit cooler here in Georgia.  The unseasonably warm weather has made it hard to get into the proper mood for  pumpkin picking.

1-_IGP4179 pumpkins 12x12 fill highlight soften1-_IGP4179 white vignette

A couple of very small pink and gold pumpkins and some pine cones add a touch of fall to the corner cabinet. The pink and gold fits right in with my grandmother’s antique Noritake china. I have thought several times about selling this beautiful set but I still love to use it and  like to mix and match it with other pieces.

1-_IGP4253 straightened1-_IGP4250 highlights softened1-_IGP4226 china pinecone soften cropped

I moved out to the porch briefly to get a couple of shots of the more traditional colors of fall with this basket of pumpkins, leaves and flowers.  It was brief because the afternoon sun was hot and I was anxious to start editing photos.

1-_IGP4220 detail 12x12 21-_IGP4220 12x12 basket detail

I’ll leave you with this bit of scripture that was part of my devotional this morning. One of my favorite verses and I thought it would work well with this older photograph of a sweet little heart shaped tea cup that reminds me of my mom.

Autumn is often a time of looking back for me. Remembering people who are no longer here and times spent with them in all the special activities that happen this time of the year.  It is also a time to gather together and make new memories with those who remain. I hope your autumn days are lovely where you are.






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