Life Stuff and Creativity

There has not been much time to post in a few weeks. Quite a bit going on around here. Nothing really exciting. Just's appointments, paperwork, dog sitting...just stuff.  In the midst of all that life stuff,  there have been a few moments found to be creative and have managed to do at least one piece … Continue reading Life Stuff and Creativity

Days 13-17 Five-Minute Painting Self-Challenge and a Tomato Sandwich

The daily five minute paintings have continued. Unfortunately, time has not allowed me to get them posted here or on Facebook. I think this will be the last of the self-challenge posts as a few other projects need my attention. The photos are once again less than excellent quality  (phone camera.)First up is "Fringe Lily." … Continue reading Days 13-17 Five-Minute Painting Self-Challenge and a Tomato Sandwich

Days 10-12 Five-Minute Painting Self-Challenge

My last five-minute painting post was on Friday.  It is now Tuesday.  Yes, the painting is still going on and no, there have been no posts since Friday.  Just a little bit busy and a little bit lazy.  Trying to get back on track. I did skip Sunday because it is a day of rest … Continue reading Days 10-12 Five-Minute Painting Self-Challenge

Day Nine – Five-Minute Painting Self-Challenge

Had fun working out with our new home gym today and am feeling pretty good.  I might not be able to walk tomorrow but tried not to overdo.  We shall see.Today's painting is of another favorite fruit. It's summer and in the summer is there anything better than a perfectly ripe, juicy delicious nectarine? They are … Continue reading Day Nine – Five-Minute Painting Self-Challenge

Day Eight – 5 Minute Painting – Self Challenge

I suppose this is actually day nine but since I did not post a painting on day eight, I am counting today as day eight.  Day eight was spent assembling a home gym. My husband, stepson and I all lost a good two pounds each from the assembly alone. We are very hopeful with the results … Continue reading Day Eight – 5 Minute Painting – Self Challenge

Day Four Five Minute Self-Challenge Painting – Butterflies

Always wondering what to paint next, a niece helped me out by suggesting a butterfly.  Butterflies probably sound easy to paint. Four wings and a body in the middle.  Right?  Well, they are not easy for me.  I'm pretty sure I had never painted one before these.  Butterflies are definitely beautiful and a favorite to … Continue reading Day Four Five Minute Self-Challenge Painting – Butterflies