Giveaway from Percolating Projects

I was doing some Wednesday wandering through blogland and found this fun giveaway from a new blog I’m following: Percolating Projects. I know it sort of sounds like it’s about coffee but it’s not…well the giveaway is…but the blog is not. It is about percolating ideas for projects and they have some great projects to show you. .
The giveaway is for an adorable pink french coffee press and two coordinating mugs. Too cute! So get yourself over there and enter.
I know I’m reducing my chances to win by telling you about this but their blog and this giveaway is too great to keep a secret…so it’s a gift to you graceful readers!

2 thoughts on “Giveaway from Percolating Projects

  1. Thanks for the add! Its always great to make new friends! I read this on a church marquis today and thought its fitting “strangers are friends waiting to happen.”

    We will most definitely count this! Not sure what happened with the button. Its worked for some. But you're not the only one with issues either. So odd.
    Good luck!


  2. I'm visiting the blog you posted about next. To answer your question about paperclay-I buy it. So far I've used Michael's coupons as it can be expensive. I've read about making it though, and it's on my list of things to do…


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