A Painting a Week for a Year!

I was invited to participate in a 52-week challenge called Series 52 sponsored by Jeanne Oliver Design. The challenge is to produce a piece of art once a week for 52 weeks and share it with other participants. The purpose is to encourage us to create, find out more about our creative selves, and at the end of the year, we will have a body of work that hopefully reflects who each of us is as an artist. There are no rules except to encourage the creative spirit in each other.

Some of my goals are to become less of a perfectionist in my creativity–it does not have to be perfect to be beautiful, loosen up my painting style (this will be a hard one for me,) explore art journaling, continue to work on improving my skill in the medium of watercolor, and experiment with other media. My comfort place is in acrylics. I have worked in a variety of media and want to explore further, some that I have enjoyed in the past.

So, I thought I would periodically share here some of my weekly pieces. For week one, I used one of my photos of seagulls at Jekyll and watercolor.  I almost threw this away (perfectionism rears ugly head and voice of discouragement screams, “it is a mess, you can’t share this,) but I did share it. Actually many people liked it better than my week three piece which I thought was better even though it was less painterly.
There are so many flaws with the seagulls but it has actually become more appealing to me, flaws and all, with the encouragement of the group.

Week two, I tried my hand at a quick watercolor sketch of my great-grandmother with my aunt. I want to eventually incorporate some of my family’s history in an art journal, and along with using copies of old photographs, I would like to include sketches of some of my ancestors.

The week three painting is a study in negative space and I used salt in the wet paint to add texture. This technique was new to me and even though it is back to my less painterly style, I didn’t overwork it, completed it in a couple of hours, and it has flaws and I’m okay with them.

So, that is what I’ve been up to.  How about you?


2 thoughts on “A Painting a Week for a Year!

  1. I love your paintings! I feel that flaws sometimes help us see things we wouldn't have otherwise, and even inspire a new way of painting. I'm so glad you showed your art even though you had reservations about it. And boy do I agree with you about loosening up a painting style!(in my own art, I mean) That's on my to do list as well.
    I have been painting, mostly in acrylics, but venturing out into some other media. I have been using acrylics so long, that I'd be fine just sticking with them, but I really love the effects of watercolor, and I plan to stay with my learning of them.
    I am signed up for 30 in 30, a painting every day, hosted by Leslie Saeta. I don't think I'll be able to complete a painting every day, but I will work on one every day.
    I loved seeing your art! Sorry my comment is so long!


  2. Thank you, Debra! I'll be by to see you today and see what you are up to! A completed painting a day would be very difficult for me. I'm usually too scattered for that! Ha! Thanks for stopping by.


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