Trip to the Georgia Coastal Isles

We are blessed to be able to travel to Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia each year about this time. Sometimes we are faced with very cool temperatures and the only saving grace is the wild Georgia shrimp!  This year we had temperatures in the mid to high 60s during the day and a … Continue reading Trip to the Georgia Coastal Isles

Thanksgiving Printable

Halloween is history and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Let's please not talk about Christmas just yet. Ha.  It's time to move from goblins and princesses to thinking of pumpkin pie and turkey but most of all it's that time of year when we start thinking of all the things for which we are … Continue reading Thanksgiving Printable

Something Interesting for the Table

The smell of sawdust and wood shavings and even a small whiff of  turpentine have always been fragrances that appeal to me. I suppose the turpentine comes from my love of oil paints.  Wood smells clean and, well, woodsy. Imagine that!  I am a big lover of woodsy. So, it is not a big surprise … Continue reading Something Interesting for the Table