Happy Birthday to VElish Art Studio aka Graceful Moments!

VElish Art Studio aka Graceful Moments  is a big 10 years old today!  I originally started this blog to promote my Etsy shops but it quickly, well, actually from the very start, changed into a place where I would share my thoughts about not only art but many things. That's the nice thing about personal … Continue reading Happy Birthday to VElish Art Studio aka Graceful Moments!

Raphael, Archangel

This is my latest piece added to Series 52 (a piece of artwork each week for 52 weeks. ) I am terribly behind because I took a break while my husband was having and recuperating from back surgery.  It was a roaring success by the way--truly miraculous. He was almost wheelchair bound and all of … Continue reading Raphael, Archangel

Life Stuff and Creativity

There has not been much time to post in a few weeks. Quite a bit going on around here. Nothing really exciting. Just stuff...doctor's appointments, paperwork, dog sitting...just stuff...life stuff.  In the midst of all that life stuff,  there have been a few moments found to be creative and have managed to do at least one piece … Continue reading Life Stuff and Creativity