Life Stuff and Creativity

There has not been much time to post in a few weeks. Quite a bit going on around here. Nothing really exciting. Just's appointments, paperwork, dog sitting...just stuff.  In the midst of all that life stuff,  there have been a few moments found to be creative and have managed to do at least one piece … Continue reading Life Stuff and Creativity

Christmas – It’s Over in Some Places, But Not Here!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas this year.  Ours was lovely. I kept trying to get some photos of our decorations posted but there always seemed to be something else that needed my attention more. I am usually much later in posting.   At least it is still December this year and we are still celebrating … Continue reading Christmas – It’s Over in Some Places, But Not Here!

In Everything Give Thanks!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. This is my final "autumn" post of the year and now, let the Advent Season begin in earnest!There are some selections of my favorite instrumental Christmas music on the Wikiplayer  above my blog header.  Hope you enjoy listening. I love these three pumpkins. I bought them for their stems … Continue reading In Everything Give Thanks!